Discovering Monbello mental hospital; was a very engaging and involving experience, in terms also of the historical importance ,detained by the building. Recently a multitude of tourists coming from all parts of the world are visiting the places, seeking for ghosts and other spiritual participants, in these cases we had the possibilities to discover several forces and frequencies, which tried to communicate through the K2 tools, and EVP EVOLUTION RECORDER, before getting deeply inside the decadent structures, we inform ourselves about the origins of the psychiatric hospital, in between the spoiled and rigid, weakened walls of this cramped, very restricted, somehow, creepy situation and environment, we then have the confirmation that even Mussolini's son was recovered into the same hospital and promptly receive the cure after a serious psychological damage. The Arconati and then the Crivelli were later the owners of the structure, which in 1754 transformed into a luxurious villa that also hosted Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and became the headquarters of Napoleon during the Italian countryside. Abandoned at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it was bought by the municipality of Milan, which in 1863 restructured and transformed into an asylum. Over the years the structure was expanded due to overcrowding problems, but recently closed in 1978 with the entry into force of the Basaglia law, and dismantled in 1999. The complex has been gradually abandoned, except for Villa Crivelli, which houses the ‘Agrarian State Institute ‘. The psychiatric hospital of Mombello is still listed as one of the 10 most terrifying places on earth. Inside this very narrowed, trembling and derelict situation falling down, perceivable but still persistent bricks were altering the scenario, demolished corners still evoking the presence of anomalous, critical forces were persistently passing by the visitors and through the human presences.
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